Because of different Organizers and Promoters there are different versions of JudgeBBQ: the branded version for Arlieque Events Management and the original used by various BBQ events and associations across the country. Plus there is JudgeBBQ Mobile, a trimmed down version designed for mobile devices.

The good news is that your login credentials work in all versions.
Did You Know?
JudgeBBQ is a weighted-list system.

That means weight factors determine your position on an event's judging list. Your position will change on a list as additional judges sign up, as judges make changes to their judging preferences, as judges remove themselves from the list, and when events change the size of their lists.

Weight factors include: when you sign up, Certified Barbeque Judge status, Certified Master Judge status, your Judging Preference, and some events give you additional weight if you can judge the ancillary categories the night before rather than just judging the main categories. Finally, there are Discourteous Judge Points which negatively impact you.
JudgeBBQ is a one-stop-shop application that allows judges to sign up to judge BBQ events. Rather than completing a separate application for each event you want to judge, you simply create an account in JudgeBBQ and sign up for one or all events.
JudgeBBQ is open 24/7 giving you access to add events you want to judge. So choose a judging opportunity on the left to get started and sign up now!

At a glance you always know exactly where you stand on an event's list thus allowing you to make travel plans in a timely manner. You can also edit and delete events, and download needed information about the events you have signed up to judge.

Locking In to an event in JudgeBBQ is just like boarding an airplane; it's done in groups. JudgeBBQ allows the first group to begin Locking In sixty days prior to the event. The next group is allowed to Lock In forty-five days prior to the event. And the last group is allowed to Lock In thitry days prior to the event. By locking in you are committing yourself to be at the event, on time, and ready to judge.