JudgeBBQ Frequently Asked Questions

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Judge's Profile

Why does it say I'm not a CBJ when I am? Why does it say my KCBS CBJ Status is pending?
When you first create an account or change your KCBS expiration date the system must verify your CBJ status. This process may take a couple of days. In the meantime your KCBS CBJ Status will show as Pending and you will be treated as a non-CBJ which means that you might be delayed from signing up for all of the events you would like.

Why is it so important for me to keep my Judge's Profile up to date?
It's imperative that you keep your JudgeBBQ Judge's Profile up to date. JudgeBBQ uses the information you supply in your Judge's Profile to track your CBJ status on behalf of the events you are signing up to judge. Every year when you renew your KCBS Membership, please remember to update your Judge's Profile with the new expiration date.

What happens when my Judge's Profile is out of date?
What JudgeBBQ knows about you with regards to CBJ status is based on the information in your Judge's Profile. So when we pass the expiration date you have entered in your Judge's Profile JudgeBBQ thinks you are expired and thus no longer a CBJ. Non-CBJs have the lowest weight so they are at the bottom of the list. When you update the information in your Judge's Profile, specifically your KCBS expiration date, and that information gets verified you should regain your former list positions. Please note that the Verification Process may take a day or two.

What happens if my KCBS Membership expires after I've Locked In an event?
If you are signed up for any CBJ or CMJ only events you will be reminded to renew your KCBS Membership, and/or update your Judge's Profile, and warned that failure to act will result in you being Unlocked and your Judging Ticket revoked.

What are Discourteous Judge Points?
Discourteous Judge Points are negative weight earned by being discourteous. Discourteous Judge Points will negatively impact your future list positions. A discourteous judge is one who "manages their judging experience" in a manner that keeps other judges from having the opportunity to judge. See additional FAQs under List Position.