JudgeBBQ Frequently Asked Questions

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I lost/forgot my JudgeBBQ Code, what can I do?
Click the Forgot your JudgeBBQ Code? link on the home page, enter the required information, and your JudgeBBQ code will be sent via email.

Why do I keep getting the error message "Email Address / JudgeBBQ Code combination NOT on file"?
There are many possibilities as to why you are getting this error message. The simplest would be that you haven't created a Judge's Account. If you haven't used JudgeBBQ before you need to create a judge's account and get a JudgeBBQ Code. Another possibility is that you are entering the wrong email address; you should be entering the email address you used when you created your judge's account. Also make sure you are entering your email address correctly; email addresses ARE case-sensitive. Another possibility is that you are entering the letter O instead of a zero in your JudgeBBQ Code. JudgeBBQ Codes DO NOT include the letters O, L, or I which are easily confused with zeros and ones.