JudgeBBQ Frequently Asked Questions

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What is JudgeBBQ?
JudgeBBQ is an online application that allows judges to sign up to judge BBQ events. JudgeBBQ serves as an intermediary between event organizers and competition barbeque judges to ensure unity of purpose. That purpose is three-fold: to help event organizers with the process of tracking and communicating with judges for their event, to allow judges as much advance notice as possible, and to satisfy competition BBQ teams' demand for qualified judges.

For judges JudgeBBQ provides as much advance notice as possible, tools to manage your judging experience, and clear, consistent, and timely communications.

JudgeBBQ turns the normal judge selection process on its head; events don't choose you to judge their event, you choose the events you want to judge. JudgeBBQ refers to this as the Lock In process. The Lock In process is done like boarding an airplane, in groups. Sixty days prior to an event the top 60% of needed judges are offered a Lock In Opportunity. Forty-five days prior to an event the top 75% of needed judges are offered Lock In Opportunities. Thirty days prior all needed judges are offered Lock In Opportunities. If you receive a Lock In Opportunity and Lock In, you are committing to being at the event, on time, and ready to judge. Sixty, forty-five, thirty days prior to an event you know you have a seat at a judging table.

JudgeBBQ is a one-stop-shop. Rather than completing a separate application for every event you want to judge, you simply create an account in JudgeBBQ and sign up for any and all events you are interested in judging. You have 24/7 access to add, edit, delete events, accept Lock In Opportunities, keep your Judge's Profile up to date, and download needed information about an event; all the tools you need to "Manage Your Judging Experience."

You will receive a number of emails from JudgeBBQ; a confirmation of account creation, confirmation when adding, editing, or deleting events, as many as five Lock In reminders, Lock In confirmation in the form of a Judging Ticket, and for those with a Judging Ticket, a Week Away Reminder a week prior to an event.

I didn't receive my new account confirmation email, what does it say?
[New Account Holders Name],

Congratulations! Your JudgeBBQ account has been created. Please note that it may take a couple of days for your CBJ status to be verified.

JudgeBBQ allows you to manage your judging experience; you can view your event list position, add, edit, and delete events, keep your Judge's Profile current, and when an event extends a Lock In Opportunity to you, you can Lock In to secure your seat at one of their judging tables.

Get to know JudgeBBQ. There are six menu choices on your Judge's Menu; click each one and take a look around. There are four simple steps to managing your judging experience listed on the log in screen; become familiar with them. For additional insight read the JudgeBBQ FAQs. You'll find links for the FAQs on the log in screen and in the Information Kiosk. Last, but not least, always keep your Judge's Profile up to date.

To login to your account in the future go to http://arlie-que.com/index.php, select where you want to judge and enter the following in the Login area:

Your Email Address: youremailaddress@somewhere.com
Your JudgeBBQ Code: Your JudgeBBQ Code

Please secure your personal login information in a safe place. If you have problems, concerns, or questions let me know by replying to this email.

Kevin Keeling, CMJ
JudgeBBQ Administrator
'Manage Your Judging Experience' at JudgeBBQ.com