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Judges' Liaison Program


JLP Frequently Asked Questions

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List Position

All of my list positions suddenly changed drastically, what happened?
It sounds like you forgot to update your JLP Profile after you renewed your KCBS Membership. Your CBJ status is determined based on the KCBS Membership expiration date you entered into your JLP Profile. CBJ status is one of the weighting-factors that determine your position on an event's list. For that reason alone, it's very important that you keep your Judge's Profile up to date.

Why does my list position keep changing?
Your weight factor determines your position on each event's list. Your position will change on a list as additional Judges and Table Captains sign up, as Judges and Table Captains make changes to their judging preferences, as Judges and Table Captains remove themselves from event lists, and when events change the size of their lists by adding or subtracting judging tables.

What are the weight factors?
There are a number of weight factors that determine your List Position. One weight factor is the time/date stamp created when you sign up for an event. Those signing up earlier carry more weight than those signing up later. Other weight factors are whether or not you are a Certified Barbeque Judge, whether or not you are a Certified Master Judge, and your Judging Preference. A Judging Preference of Table Captain carries more weight than Either which carries more weight than Judge. Also some events give you additional weight if you can judge the ancillary categories the night before rather than just judging the main categories. Finally, there are Discourteous Judge Points which negatively impact your List Position.

What are Discourteous Judge Points?
There are four infractions that earn you Discourteous Judge Points; unlocking from an event's list late (within the week before), being in the top 60% of an event's list and failing to Lock In or deleting yourself from the list, signing up with a Judging Preference of Either and refusing to be a Table Captain at the event, and no-showing an event.

Late Unlock
This infraction earns the least number of Discourteous Judge Points even though it often leaves an event short on judges. While it can be said it's like kicking a man while he's down it mainly impacts those who are repeat offenders.

List Squatter
This infraction is when a judge is in the top 60% of an event's list and after receiving three reminders to Lock In or be courteous and remove themselves from the list, they do neither. By not locking in and not removing yourself from an event's list you are being discourteous to Judges and Table Captains on the waiting list that are hoping to get to Judge or Table Captain.

Either Refusal
This infraction is when a Judge signs up with a Judging Preference of Either and then refuses to be a Table Captain when randomly chosen to do so at an event.

This infraction is when a Judge simply does not show up for the event and fails to call the phone number on the JLP Ticket to let someone know why they are unable to be at the event. This infraction earns the most Discourteous Judge Points.

How do Discourteous Judge Points affect me?
Discourteous Judge Points (or negative weight) work against you when you sign up to judge events. The main effect will be that you continue to lose list position because judges signing up after you will have more weight. Discourteous Judge Points remain on your Judge's Profile for one year from the date of the infraction.

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