Judges' Liaison Program

Judges' Liaison Program


JLP Frequently Asked Questions

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I lost/forgot my JLP Code, what can I do?
Click the Forgot your JLP Code? link on the Log in to the JLP page, enter the required information, and your JLP Code will be sent to the email address in your Judge's Profile.

Why do I keep getting the error message "Email Address / JLP Code combination NOT on file"?
There are many possibilities as to why you are getting this error message. The simplest would be that you haven't created a JLP Account. If you haven't used the JLP before you need to create a JLP Account and get a JLP Code. Another possibility is that you are entering the wrong email address; you should be entering the email address you used when you created your JLP Account. Also make sure you are entering your email address correctly; email addresses ARE case-sensitive. Many devices auto capitalize the first character of email address without you realizing it; meaning you may have signed up with a capital letter in your email address. Another possibility is that you are entering the letter O instead of a zero in your JLP Code. JLP Codes DO NOT contain the letters O, L, or I which are easily confused with zeros and ones.

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